Just Oriamese is a small cattery registered with CCA, CFA and TICA located in Colborne, Ontario.  We are in close proximity to Port Hope, Cobourg, Belleville and Kingston, located approximately an hour East of Toronto and 80 minutes from Mississauaga

Julie has been breeding quality Oriental Shorthairs for over 12 years.

Julie is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has been working in the medical field since her college graduation in 1992. She started her cattery out of a great passion & knowledge for the breed. Her love and care for her cattery is very apparent in the health, beauty, and socialization in every kitten.

Julie grew up with Siamese and had always been interested in breeding them. She purchased her first Siamese kitten, Indigo, just before entering college. Indigo happily accompanied her to Windsor, Ontario, for those few years.

Not too long after graduating, Julie bought her second cat, Truffle, from a pet store. She was a beautiful seal torti point, who unfortunately brought the negativities that sometimes come with the purchase of pet store kittens. She was a very sick cat for the majority of her life, but still remains close to Julie's heart.

From the start,
Just Oriamese was set to be different from the rest; a cattery who encourages people to come and visit the kittens to help with socialization, and who sees the importance in the smaller details as well as the large ones. Julie believes in healthy and safe breeding techniques, and she holds the health of her kittens highly to ensure long and happy lives for each and every one of them.